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Simplicity is More
The S111 is a simple plug and play speaker system perfect if you are looking to upgrade your desktop or laptop speakers. With balanced bass, treble and clear vocal reproduction, the S111 delivers an unexpected sound quality. Bring your desk to life with the modern, rich color scheme and enjoy the quality music experience of the S111.

Powerful and balanced Sound Performance
Whether you are looking for speakers to boost sound quality for watching movies or listening to music, the S111 is the perfect upgrade if you are no longer satisfied with your standard computer speakers. Unlike standard USB speakers the higher quality drivers in the S111 will deliver a punchy bass and boost your listening experience.

Modern & Bold Color Range
Don’t be stuck in the past; add some character to your desk with the bold color range of the S111. Perfect for any bedroom, living room or office.

Sleek and compact design
S111 has a compact size to fit in virtually any desk configuration. With a 70mm cubic speaker, you can even carry them around the house with your laptop or tablet.

Net Weight: 200 g
Freequency Response: 50 Hz – 25 kHz
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Output Power (RMS): 2 W x 2
Cable length: 1 m each (USB power supply/ 3.5 Audio Input)
– Laptop : Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux
– PC : Windows, Mac OS, Linux
– Smartphone * : Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia, HTC, LG …
– Tablet * : Android, iOS, Windows
– Portable Multimedia Player *
– Mobile Game Console * : PSP, PS Vita
– All other device with a 3.5mm Jack audio output * : TV, Multimedia player, …
** : Requires USB power supply (Wall charger, Car charger or Power Bank)

Price: £9.65

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  • Unexpected Sound Quality - Balanced bass, treble and clear vocal reproduction.
  • Enhanced Drivers - Higher quality drivers will deliver a punchy bass and boost your listening experience.
  • Modern & Bold Colour Range - 6 Colours available.
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Arctic Cooling S111 Speakers