Audiodesign Pro PAR W 12.2 12″ Subwoofer Driver 300W


Product Information

With over 30 years of experience within the professional audio market, Audiodesign PRO continue to produce some of the finest equipment available today. With each product designed to an extremely high standard by their passionate Italian engineers and assembled by state of the art machinery, it’s no wonder why Audiodesign PRO’s parts & components are used in a number of the most revered speakers within todays market.Producing professional sound quality in all environmental conditions, it is a guarentee that with the audiodesign brand, users can expect high quality audio equipment that produces an accurate sound with life-like clarity and a strong, resilient build.Introducing this fantastic 12 inch sub-woofer driver. Perfect for those in need of replacement components for their old, blown Driver for their sub-woofer/bass bin or for those in the process of building their very own DIY sub. This high quality component guarantees maximum performance and substantial audio quality. So, why not order today and experience this awesome product yourself with a little help from us here, at Electromarket.

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  • 32cm Subwoofer
  • Peak power: 300W
  • RMS power: 150W
  • Audio Design Pro
  • Electromarket Cable Tie Included