Audison Voce SOP 5


Product Information

Audison Voce AV K5 – 13 cm 2-way component system AVK5 KIT 2 WAY AV 1.1 + AV 5.0 + AV CX 2W MB + GRILLE Technical specifications: Resilience: 100W RMS / 200W Max Impedance: 4 Ohm Frequency Response: 60Hz – 22kHz Sensitivity: 90 dB / SPL Crossover: 2.5kHz @ 12/12 dB Oct. tweeter adjustment: +2; 0; 2dB Outer diameter: 131mm TMT / HT 48mm Mounting Diameter: 115mm TMT / 44,8mm HT overall depth: 71mm TMT / HT 28mm Depth: 65mm TMT / 15,2mm HT magnet diameter: 90mm TMT / HT 27,9mm Weight: 1,125kg per TMT / HT 0,073kg coil diameter: 25mm TMT / 28mm HT delivery: 2 pieces tweeter 2 pieces mid / 2 pieces TMT covers 2 pieces course Attended been the audison Thesis speaker in the art for attention, so you too can now be of the new audison VOCE series convince! VOCE The series contains many features of the THESIS series and benefits from the experience that has made the audison developer team with these! The series consists of single components, as well as a subwoofer for the first time in the history of audison coaxial speaker!

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  • AVK5 KIT 2 WAY AV 1.1 + AV 5.0 + AV
  • Resilience: 100W RMS / 200W
  • 200W Max Impedance