Cambridge Sx120 Sub Blk


Product Information

Gimmick-free and true to their ‘sound first’ philosophy, the Cambridge Audio SX120 takes sound to a lower dimension. POWERFUL SOUND – RIGHT DOWN TO 34HZAt the heart of this Cambridge Audio subwoofer you’ll find an eight inch, long throw woofer, powered by a high quality 70 watt amplifier. This combination gives effortlessly deep bass that transforms music and movie soundtracks. With a response down to 34Hz, your system will now give the type of bass you’d usually expect from the largest and most powerful floorstanding speakers. Whatever type of speaker and amplifier system you use, the SX-120 simply guarantees deep and powerful bass. POWER WITH CONTROL unlike lesser designs, the SX-120 marries this force of power with tight control. Painstaking port design and a rigid MDF cabinet ensure cabinet distortion has been kept to a minimum. The amplifier and cone design have also been optimised for tight, punchy control just as much as ultimate bass depth. FLEXIBLE PLACEMENT allowing you to tailor the SX120’s sound to your room, system and personal taste, the SX120 comes with variable volume and frequency response controls. There’s also a phase control that, if you wish, facilitates the positioning of the subwoofer behind your listening position. Finally, an auto power switch allows you to power on/off the subwoofer via your receiver or amp, meaning it can be easily tucked out of sight and still convenient to use. The perfect match for the SX50 or SX60 speakers but also ideal with many other speakers, the Cambridge Audio SX-120 makes a big impact on your listening enjoyment!

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