Crunch GTS-200 8″ Passive Car Subwoofer 400W Bass


Product Information

The Crunch GTS-200 is a Passiveee 8″ subwoofer with excellent sound quality that’s designed for high end in car setups.

With 400W of clear maximum performance, you’ll definitely turn plenty of heads when coming up the street! The construction of the GTS-200 is utterly flawless and lives up perfectly to the Crunch reputation!

The subwoofer is part of the GTS family, which consistently receives good reviews in product magazines.


• Passiveee 8″ (20cm) bass role with 200W RMS power – equivalent to 400W max.
• Bass reflex design


• Connections: 1 x stereo inputs terminals
• Robust felt coating with center logo
• Impedance: 4 ohms


• Length: 55cm
• Diameter: 24cm
• Weight: 4.9 kg


• 1 x Unit
• 1 x Mounting strip
• Mounting material

Price: £49.00

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  • 'Passive 20 cm (8) bass role with 200 W RMS output - equivalent to 400 W max.
  • Bass reflex design
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Crunch GTS-200 8″ Passive Car Subwoofer 400W Bass