Crystal Acoustics THX-3D12 7.1 ch “Awarded” Home Theatre


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THX-3-7.1BLA system uses two pairs of THX Select Bipolar (Dipole) surround effects speakers for an even more immersing sound, rendering movie effects and multi-channel music as realistically as possible. Rear effects are assigned to the THX dipole speakers, designed to be mounted on the side walls. The use of two silk dome, reverse facing tweeters immerses the listener in the action. Conforming to the THX Ultra2 standards, it includes the new T3 towers use a shorter but deeper cabinet, with increased volume. The bigger volume, in combination with the special bass tuning, offers extended low frequency information for even more realistic reproduction of music. Perhaps the most distinctive piece of engineering on the T3s is the proprietary ‘free air’ tweeter. that can be rotated to face the listener, making room integration far easier. Free of unwanted distortion, due its shape, it delivers a clear, transparent sound with excellent dispersion. This gives the extra level of richness the audiophile is searching for! This package includes also a marvelous THX centre speaker whose ability with voices will astonish, THX bipolar (dipole) speakers for side and rear effects and a hefty 200W active THX subwoofer with a 12” long throw driver incorporating a light but rigid specially treated paper cone for fast, dynamic, transient bass with sonic accuracy. Lower down the frequency range, T3s employ 7” Crystal fibre mid/bass drivers that comprise tightly woven fibreglass whose mechanical properties – light yet extremely stiff – deliver a linear and fast response. The magnetically shielded drivers are backed by heavy duty, powerful magnets, delivering very high efficiency levels. Each driver is housed in its own damped chamber, sealed or ported, for the optimum bass tuning that can be achieved at this volume. The small shape of the baffle also reduces diffractions giving an incredibly three-dimensional soundstage and far clearer stereo imaging.

Crystal Acoustics THX-3D12 7.1 ch “Awarded” Home Theatre Speaker System – Black gloss-Black Ash

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  • Awarded THX Ultra2 and Select Certified Speaker System
  • NEW design of the triple chamber towers for the front channel
  • High sound level, great Dynamics and Crystal Clear undistorted sound. Active Sub, with 12'' woofer and a meat 200W amplifier
  • Bipolar surround pair for immersing effects according to THX
  • Electronic protection at the tweeters for safe function at high level