Multimedia Laptop Cooling Stand with Bluetooth, Built in


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Multimedia Laptop Cooling Stand with built-in Speakers and Subwoofer

This smart laptop stand is the perfect place to work with your laptop at home. Its the right height so that you can use it seated on your bed or your sofa. Just plug in your laptop and connect to the smart laptop stand via bluetooth and you can play all your music right through the built in speakers on the laptop stand.

It also has a cooling fan built into the top so that your laptop never overheats.

You can plug in your iphone / ipad / music player and also charge it while it blasts music through its powerful speakers.

Its a compact unit which serves its purpose well.


Length : 14″

Width : 25″

Height : 26″

Speakers : 15W x 2

Subwoofer : 25W x 1

Amplifier output sensitivity : 680 mv

Amplifier SNR ; 75Db

Amplifier distortion : 0.70%

Colour : White


+ Bluetooth Connectivity

+ USB Port

+ Touch Sensitive Control panel

+ Powered USB Port, so charge your phone !

+ 2.1 Channel Sound

+ The top has a cooling fan to prevent laptop overheating.

Multimedia Laptop Cooling Stand with Bluetooth, Built in speakers/subwoofer and iphone dock

Price: £199.99

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  • Bedside Laptop Stand with cooling fan and built in speakers and sub-woofer
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Pair your laptop and play music
  • Iphone Dock - Connect your iphone and play music directly while charging.
  • USB Port - Plugin your Pendrives to play music directly.
  • Touch Sensitive Control Panel
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Multimedia Laptop Cooling Stand with Bluetooth, Built in
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