Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System (White)


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The Panasonic ALL system is an easy-to-use, high quality, wireless multi-room system. Made up of active speaker units and the ALL1C network connector, streaming music around your home couldn’t be easier. Simply join any ALL device to your home Wi-Fi network and then wirelessly stream your stored music library or music services, such as Spotify, from your smartphone or tablet. With the ALL system you can listen to different music from different sources in other rooms or play the same music all around the house with Party Mode. Giving a total power output of 40 watts, the LincsD-Amp offers powerful, dynamic sound with ultra-low levels of distortion, letting you listen out loud! Rigid yet lightweight, the speaker units in the ALL3 provide a fast response and tonal accuracy that’s unusual in this size of wireless speaker system. Also unusual is the deep, powerful bass response. By using an extended porting system plus XBS bass enhancement, the ALL3 gives a deep, powerful sound from its compact dimensions. Designed for use in kitchens, by your bed or on a desk, the ALL3 is a compact speaker system. In addition to the wireless control, the ALL3 also features an analogue AUX input that’s ideal for connecting up a wired source, such as a TV or MP3 player (with suitable output).A key convenience factor with the Panasonic ALL-series is that you’re not tied to a single control app. The Panasonic Music Streaming app makes playing your music a straightforward process; however, the ALL systems also facilitate the use of direct control from various music subscription services. Should you be a regular user of Spotify, for example, then you can use their own, dedicated control app – meaning you don’t have to get used to a whole new control system. With great sound and the potential for wireless sound around the home, the compact Panasonic ALL3 could be the start of something big!

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  • The Panasonic Music Streaming App makes it easy to send music wirelessly from your portable device to your speakers. This free app for Android and IOS devices simply asks you to choose your music source, choose your speaker and away you go.
  • The 4 speaker system within the ALL 3, uses 2 x bass drivers and 2 x tweeters. This means that from a small spaeker unit, the audio signal is divided into acoustic ranges extending from bass to treble so providing the richest, purest possible sound from a spaeker of its size.
  • The ALL 3 allows you to access music subscription services( including Spotify), your iTunes library or Internet radio stations via the system App, when connected to a wifi router. This means the user has access to millions of muscic tracks 24 hours a day.
  • The ALL 3 speaker systems lets listeners easily configure music play over multiple rooms from multiple digital music sources, all over an existing Wi-Fi network. This is controlled wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet so that different music can be enjoyed in any room of the houseor the same song can be simultaneously played over multiple speakers.
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Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System (White)