Power Dynamics PD-318SA 18″ Active Subwoofer


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Introducing the fantastic PD-318SA active 18 inch subwoofer from Power Dynamics. The PD-3 series is a range of high quality professional sound reinforcement speakers composed of high end components that provide high efficieny and a wide & smooth frequency response at short & medium distances. Now, with the PD-318SA active subwoofer, users have access to a cabinet that boasts 1000W of power and produces a sound pressure of 130dB. The built-in crossover ensures that all highs are transferred to your tops (if you have any connected), which means no irritating resonance when operating at high powers. Perfect for DJ systems, PA systems and discos & parties with a number of features such as phase control, sub level-controller, ground lift AND the option to connect to a second amplifier, as well as an innovative physical design with small grooves designed to allow solid placing of the PD-315 PA top speaker that ensure that even the mighty rumble from the heavy bass frequencies do not rattle & shake the top units. This all new powered subwoofer is the ideal solution to a heavy bass sound within your set-up. Get your hands on the PD-318SA at a great price with a little help from us here, at Electromarket.

Price: £489.00

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  • 1000W active subwoofer 18"
  • Loop through for connection to second amp
  • High Pass output for connection to satellite speakers
  • Power Dynamics
  • Electromarket Cable Tie Included
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Power Dynamics PD-318SA 18″ Active Subwoofer