Record Player Turntable (3 speed: 33, 45 & 78rpm) Built in


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Low power consumption and eco standby

Record Player Turntable (3 speed: 33, 45 & 78rpm) Built in Amplifier & Speakers PLUS separate 2.1 Speaker System with Sub Woofer – Speaker can also link to MP3 player, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Computer, HiFi Stereo, Gaming Machine X Box 360, PS4, Wii, etc (3.5mm jack) – Powerful deep sounds, 200 watts max (Black / Grey)

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  • 3-speed record player, plays vinyl records on 33 and 45 rpm speeds (Albums & Singles) - then "flip over" the stylus and play 78 rpm records (pre-World War 2 records)
  • Line OUT socket (link to a larger HiFi, Computer to play or record records, etc) - Cue Lever - Auto Stop Switch - 3.5mm jack socket for earphones/headphones
  • Easy to use - Built-in speakers, or use with external speaker system supplied for rich deep toones and increased volume
  • Includes: 2.1 speaker set with a maximum output power of 200 watts. Its deep sound creates a full music, movie and game experience (Connect to the record player, but this speaker set can also be connected to any PC, CD player or MP3 player)
  • 2.1 Active speaker system: 150 - 20.000 Hz - Mains electric powered - 200 watts (max)