Sony HT-GT1 260W 2-Way Party Soundbar with LED illumination


Product Information

Sony HTCT60 2.1 Speaker Bar
2.1ch speaker bar for TV with wireless subwoofer, S-Force PRO Front Surround and Bluetooth®
– Feel part of the action with room-filling 3D sound- Stream your digital music via built-in Bluetooth®- Flexible, stylish set-up with wireless subwoofer
Immerse yourself in style and soundBring the magic of Hollywood right into your living room. A slim, discreet speaker bar and wireless sub-woofer create a 3D audio field for powerful cinematic sound. Give movies the sound they deserve and save space in your living room. Cinematic 3D audioHear the sound all around you. S-Force PRO Front Surround is a unique technology from Sony that bends sound around the room with just two front speakers. It will feel like you’re actually sitting in the cinema.
Theatre acoustics in any roomIf space is at a premium then a wireless subwoofer is the perfect solution. You can pick it up and place it where you want without the clutter of cables. So you get that big cinema

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  • Grab it and go - Intergrated carry handles for on-the-go
  • Blasting Bass - Fire up Bass Buzuca to give your bass lines
  • Light up your life - Pulsating LED illumination for a sensational light show
  • One-touch listening - NFC and Bluetooth to access your music library in one simple touch
  • USB audio input. Easily access all your favourite tunes from a USB hard drive or MP3 player