UK/USA Subwoofers :VIBE Optisound TV5 Digital Subwoofer for LED/LCD TVs – 80watts

Optisound TV is a powerful subwoofer that combines with your existing TV speakers to enhance your viewing...

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UK/USA Subwoofers: Fisual Subwoofer Cable – 3m – Pro Install Series

Fisuals install series subwoofer cable offers great value for money and is also suitable for composite video use....

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UK/USA Subwoofers: Acoustic Research Performance Sub Woofer Cable 4.5 m

Subwoofer audio cables carry the audio signal from audio video receiver to the subwoofer. Please also check out...

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What is the Difference Between an Active and Passive SubWoofer

An active subwoofer is also referred to as a powered subwoofer. It is termed active because it has its own built...

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UK/USA: Sonos PLAY 3 Black – Wireless Hi-Fi

3 speakers powered by 3 dedicated digital amps Stream all the music on earth–iTunes, music services like...

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UK/USA Subwoofers: Genius SW-G 1250 2.1 Computer Speaker System

The Genius SW-G 1250 2.1 Computer Speaker System with magnetically-shielded 3″ cones deliver full midrange...

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Subwoofers: Lanzar MAXP84 Max Pro 8 inch 800W 4Ohm Small Enclosure Subwoofer

LANZAR MAXP84 MAX PRO SMALL ENCLOSURE 4_ SUBWOOFER (8″; 800W)(subwoofers in the uk) Price: £29.09

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Pioneer TS-E1302i 13cm 2-Way Co-Axial Speakers

Pioneer TS-E Series speakers give you smooth, octave-to-octave tonal balance, without favouring one frequency over...

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Subwoofers: Edge Audio ED510-E1 ED510 10″ inch 272mm 750w 750 Watts Car

It can be argued that beauty is only skin deep, but the Edge subwoofers prove this is not always the case. The...

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