Tannoy Mercury V1 Sugar Maple


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"Balanced, detailed, hugely enjoyable sound; flexible with regards positioning and system matching." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine.Now in its fifth generation, the Tannoy Mercury V1 is better than ever. For the latest version of this budget classic, Tannoy has revised the cabinet making it both larger and better braced. The larger cabinet boosts the bass response while the improved bracing makes the cabinet more rigid, improving the neutrality of sound.Contained within the new cabinet are similarly new drive units. The bass cone is lighter and more rigid than before, making the bass faster to respond and the mid-range more detailed. The treble unit has been changed, too, and has been picked for its exceptional accuracy at this price point. New cabinet, woofer and tweeter make for a pretty comprehensive upgrade but Tannoy haven’t left it at that. The crossover has been tweaked and the internal cabling is silver-plated oxygen-free copper; usually the preserve of much more expensive speakers.So, everything is new about the Mercury V1 but does it sound better? Well, as What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision found out, the answer is an empathic yes! "The V1s are wonderfully balanced with a rich, smooth treble, expressive yet composed midrange and tight, controlled and textured bass". In short, when it comes to sound quality, these five-star Tannoy speakers are hard to fault – especially given their budget price.As What Hi-Fi said in their sum-up, "An excellent all-rounder, and a fantastic addition for any blossoming entry-level system." Praise indeed!

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  • Magnetically shielded
  • Wood