Trevi 40W Soundbar 2.1 Stereo System perfect for LCD TVs (Black)


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TV’s are getting thinner and thinner with the advent of LED Technology – This is great but sometimes comes at the expense of sound quality, because as the TV gets thinner the speakers get smaller.

The new Trevi Soundbar is a perfect addition to your Audio Visual setup providing a virtual 3D Sound from a single source which sits neatly under your TV.

The Trevi 8300 is Surface or wall mountable, weighs just 2.2Kg and measures just 700 x 85 x 102mm. It comes complete with a remote control.

The Trevi 8300 soundbar is an Active speaker system with a built in amplifier and features a 2 way Bass Reflex speaker system with 2 10W 2.5″ Speakers and a 20W 3.5″ Subwoofer.

The Trevi 8300 soundbar can be used with any TV that has a headphone socket, but it can also connect to your iPod / MP3 player for full rich sound.

The Trevi 8300 soundbar is available in Black or White finishes.

Price: £64.99

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  • 2.1 Sound Amplification system All in one design
  • 2 Way Bass Reflex 2 x 2.5" 10W, 1 x 3.5" Subwoofer
  • Digital Volume Control / 3D Sound Effect
  • Perfect for TV / DVD / Computers - standard 3.5mm Stereo input Jack
  • Wall Mountable (Kit included). Total Power 40W (Max)
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Trevi 40W Soundbar 2.1 Stereo System perfect for LCD TVs (Black)
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