Trevi Soundbase 30W Soundbar 2.1 Stereo System perfect for


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TV’s are getting thinner and thinner with the advent of LED Technology – This is great but sometimes comes at the expense of sound quality, because as the TV gets thinner the speakers get smaller.

The new Trevi Soundbase is an innovative addition to your Audio Visual setup providing enhanced sound from a stylish box situated under your TV.

The Trevi 8350 is designed to be surface mounted under your TV, Computer monitor or all on its own. the Trevi 8350 weighs just 1.6Kg and measures just 585 x 50 x 220mm. It comes complete with a remote control – which also includes a learning function, so it can be used to control your TV too.

The Trevi 8350 soundbar is an Active speaker system with a built in amplifier and features a 2 way Bass Reflex speaker system with 2 7.5W 2.5″ Speakers and a 15W 3.5″ Subwoofer

The Trevi 8350 soundbar can be used with any TV that has a headphone socket, but it can also connect to your PC / iPod / MP3 player for full rich sound

The Trevi 8350 soundbar is available in Piano Black or Glossy White finishes (This listing is for Glossy White)

The elegant, minimalist design perfectly compliments the lastest LCD/LED TVs

Trevi Soundbase 30W Soundbar 2.1 Stereo System perfect for LCD/LED TVs (Glossy White)

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  • 2.1 Sound Amplification system All in one design to sit under your LCD TV
  • 2 Way Bass Reflex. 2 x 2.5" 7.5W, 1 x 3.5" 15W Subwoofer
  • Digital Volume Control / 3D Sound Effect
  • Perfect for TV / DVD / Computers - Twin 3.5mm Stereo input Jacks
  • Touch Sensitive Keys, Remote control (with learning function)