Yamaha Sound Bar Speaker System with Bluetooth – Black


Product Information

Like other YSP soundbar systems, the Yamaha YSP-1400 offers the illusion of speakers all around without the associated boxes and wires. In essence, the Yamaha bounces sound off the walls, from just one source to give a room-filling sound that could easily convince you into thinking there’re many more speakers in the room. At the heart of this Yamaha soundbar are no fewer than 10 separate digital power amplifiers, driving 8 ‘sound beam’ drivers and two woofer units. Digital Sound Projector technology ensures optimum performance and a true 5.1 sound effect. A choice of DSP modes allows you to tailor the sound to your exact requirements including whether you’re listening to music or movies. With dual, 8.5cm woofers either side of the soundbar, you’re guaranteed a rich, full-bodied sound that’s a great improvement upon standard TV speakers. If you require an even deeper bass for that full cinema effect, then a subwoofer output lets you connect up your choice of active sub. With some soundtracks, especially where there’s a lot happening, it can be hard to hear what’s being said. Thanks to the Yamaha’s Clear Voice feature it’s now easy to follow dialogue, exactly as it’s spoken. Furthermore, UniVolume keeps programmes and commercials at the same volume level – making watching commercial TV a great deal less irritating! With an onboard Bluetooth receiver, the YSP1400 is ideally equipped for streaming music from your smartphone or other devices. Simply pair the device and stream your stored or streaming music via Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth, the YSP-1400 doesn’t just improve your TV’s sound, but it makes the most of your music, too.

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  • One-body soundbar reproduces sound with exceptional power and presence
  • Digital Sound Projector technology reproduces true surround sound
  • Dual built in subwoofers reproduce superb, rich bass
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from your smartphone or tablet
  • Clear Voice makes dialogue and narrations easy to hear