Yamaha YAS-203 Wireless Front Surround Soundbar with Wireless


Product Information

Yamaha’s YAS203BLB raises the standards for the whole products market with this astonishing surround-sound Soundbar with a compact design, making all of your favourite movies and TV shows come to life.FeaturesAir Surround Xtreme is surround sound technology that is unique to Yamaha’s products, it is what makes their surround sound one of the best, providing rich and full sounds with a cohesive sense of surround placement. Stream your music with the Bluetooth wireless straight from your smartphone or tablet in full surround sound, perfect for both parties and relaxing. Have the ability to be flexible with the placement of the subwoofer due to the fact that is it wireless, and it doesn’t need to be set up to the soundbar, so setting it up has never been more easy. If your TV happens to be mounted on the wall then the soundbar can be fixed on the wall, this gives your set up a great appearance on top of the amazing sound.

Yamaha YAS-203 Wireless Front Surround Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

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  • Advanced Bass Extension Processing delivers a good amount of bass sound
  • Slim, low-profile soundbar design allows positioning in front of a TV
  • Soundbar produces expansive and clear surround sound
  • App surround modes provide more choices than remote unit
  • Wireless subwoofer allows flexible placement